Winter Quarter, Fifth Year (2000)


26 jill,huss.jpg (119242 bytes) Jill and Huss at the Pigskin during the end of fall quarter, just before winter break.

25 tom,jill.jpg (112989 bytes) Tom and Jill at our friends' place in Columbus, New Year's Eve.

24 tom,jill.jpg (112553 bytes) Again, Tom and Jill.

23 jeff,fill,tom.jpg (85415 bytes) Jeff, Jill, and Tom at the Bieleks'.

22 jeff,kristen.jpg (88306 bytes) Jeff and Kristen, New Year's Eve.

21 party.jpg (117565 bytes) The celebration New Year's Eve as the countdown approaches.

20 jeff,huss,kristen.jpg (108598 bytes) Jeff, Ryan, and Kristen.  The night after New Year's Eve a group of us went to Dave 'N' Buster's in Columbus.  What could be better than a bunch of games for big kids?

19 kristen,tim.jpg (122987 bytes) Kristen and her boyfriend, Tim, as he tries to hold on while the meter approaches critical.

18 group.jpg (139382 bytes) Later that night we went to see Chris Logsdon play at a club on the east side called Club Dance.  From left to right:  Michelle, Jen, Kristen, Jeff, Tim, and Ryan.

17 michelle,jen,kristen.jpg (122660 bytes) The ladies:  Michelle, Jen, and Kristen.  Michelle and Jen are also OU alumni.  Michelle and Kristen have been friends since high school.

16 guys.jpg (117927 bytes) And the "gentelmen": Tim, Huss, Leake, and Andrew at the Logsdon show.

15 group.jpg (106319 bytes) Jeff kicking back with Kristen, Michelle, and Jen.

14 kristen,tim.jpg (116042 bytes) And the two lovebirds:  Kristen and Tim.

13 kristen,michelle.jpg (105591 bytes) Kristen and Michelle.

12 kristen,jen,michelle.jpg (101333 bytes) Kristen, Jen, and Michelle with Chris Logsdon in the background.

11 michelle,andrew.jpg (105439 bytes) And another lovely couple:  Michelle and her boyfriend Andrew.

10 mort.jpg (79579 bytes) Back at OU for winter quarter.  Our countdown sign saw not as much countdowns to holidays as it did completely random things the roommates would make up, usually at the expense of another roommate.  Elvis is still adorned in his Santa hat.  This particular occasion on the sign was a countdown until the night our friend and fellow Bobcat Ryan Morton was going to be on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."  Needless to say, we were excited.

09 mort.jpg (72530 bytes) Another shot of the countdown until Morton's appearance on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."  He never got to the hot seat, even though they asked a fast-fingered question about T.V. show theme songs that was a sure bet for him.  Who would have thought Moonlighting came out before Miami Vice, but the show's theme song wouldn't make the Top 40 until after the latter's?

08 mort.jpg (74897 bytes) And one more shot of the countdown.  You know the kid was desperate when he used me as a lifeline.

07 tracy,huss,nikki.jpg (130988 bytes) Winter quarter back at OU:  Tracy, Ryan, and Nikki at the Pigskin.

06 jill,carie,kristen.jpg (122092 bytes) Jill, Carie, and Kristen at the Pigskin.

05 jeff,tracy.jpg (116573 bytes) Jeff and Tracy at the usual watering hole.

04 pigskin.jpg (108833 bytes) Ryan, Antonia, Jeff, and Amber.

03 rob,huss,jeff.jpg (135971 bytes) Our buddy Rob was always good for a party or two during the quarter.  Here he is with Leake, Huss, and a couple of the house girlfriends.

02 group.jpg (141022 bytes) Hanging out in 10 S. High as the paw looms behind us on the wall:  Darcy, Jake (Tom's buddy from home), Leake, T-Gunn, Huss, Jill, and Ann.

01 dan and amy.jpg (137333 bytes) Dan and Amy getting cozy.