Winter Break and Winter Quarter, Fifth Year (1999-2000)


01 car.jpg (74134 bytes) During winter break the three of us got together in Columbus:  Leake, Morton, and Huss cruising in the Camry.

02 jamie,jeff.jpg (71434 bytes) At home in Mentor, OH at The Avenue:  Jamie and Jeff.

03 becky,jeff.jpg (87818 bytes) In the Flats at Fado during winter break:  Becky and Jeff.

04 group.jpg (87952 bytes) Still at Fado.  A group of us went downtown for a night:  Ryan, Becky, Jeff, and Suzanne.

05 group.jpg (82616 bytes) At The Basement in the Flats:  Jeff, Ryan, Becky, Suzanne, and a couple of Suzanne's friends.

06 group.jpg (89873 bytes) Still groovin' at The Basement:  Suzanne, Ryan, Becky, and Jeff.

07 suze,ryan,becky.jpg (80571 bytes) Suzanne, Ryan, and Becky.

19 camilla,jeff.jpg (75656 bytes) Back at school winter quarter at the Pigskin:  Camilla and Jeff.

20 huss.jpg (98935 bytes) Rescuing Huss in Nelsonville.

21 huss.jpg (72619 bytes) And here comes the bar brawler himself.

22 becky,vito.jpg (72773 bytes) Becky and Vito at the Pigskin.

23 tom,jill.jpg (99819 bytes) Party at 10 S. High:  Tom and Jill gettin' down.

25 lauderdale.jpg (104082 bytes) Just arriving in Fort Lauderdale for spring break:  looking south from the Holiday Inn we stayed at.

26 beach.jpg (106582 bytes) Looking north along the beach in Fort Lauderdale-By-The-Sea.  Morton, Leake, Huss, and Tom drove down in the Blazer while Jill, Ali, Ann, and one of their friends flew down.

27 beach.jpg (139983 bytes) On the beach:  Ann, Jill and Tom.