Winter Quarter, Sixth Year (2001)



03 mat.jpg (131429 bytes) A ton of people happened to come down to visit on Sib's Weekend.  Saturday night I went to Night Court for karaoke night with a bunch of OU alumni that were back.  Here's Tench doing his thing.

04 ian,jay.jpg (109260 bytes) Ian and Jay working the crowd, singing the Bare Naked Ladies' "If I Had a Million Dollars."  It was apparent they'd done this before.

05 jeff,mat.jpg (80173 bytes) Jeff and Mat.

06 mat,ian.jpg (104729 bytes) Mat and Ian on stage as Jay eggs them on.

07 ian,mat.jpg (101601 bytes) Ian and Mat.

08 nightcourt.jpg (117469 bytes) Someone got a hold of the camera.  Nice shot of the bar, at least.

09 jeff,ian.jpg (81589 bytes) Jeff and Ian.

10 jeff,jay.jpg (78916 bytes) Jeff and Jay awaiting one last performance.

11 group.jpg (96469 bytes) Ian, some kid, Jeff, and Jay singing "Lean on Me".  I wasn't really in pain.

12 group.jpg (95279 bytes) Still singin'.

13 jeff,anna.jpg (100676 bytes) That same night at the Pigskin, Anna was down visiting for the weekend.

15 jeff,anna.jpg (65160 bytes) Again, Jeff and Anna.

02 dawn,sis.jpg (91921 bytes) Dawn came down to visit her sister.  Here they are at the Pigskin.

14 weasel.jpg (90961 bytes) A few weeks later a bunch of the old roommates came down with some of their friends for the NCAA MAC wrestling tournament.  Here's Brad trying to work his magic on the pool table.

16 pigskin.jpg (72954 bytes) The Pigskin without a flash.

17 jeff,jay.jpg (98203 bytes) Jeff and Jason at the Pigskin.

01 rick,jay.jpg (97802 bytes) Rick and Jason duking it out on the Mega Touch at the Pigskin.  Rick is the authority on bar video games, though lately Huss has been giving him a run for his money.

18 brad,rick.jpg (66989 bytes) The Weasel and Ricky.

19 group.jpg (85284 bytes) Huss was kind enough to buy a round of drinks.  Car bombs, of course.

20 jeff,johnny.jpg (93731 bytes) Johnny and Leake.  The two of us came to the realization that, of all the people we were with that night, we were the only two that actually still attended OU.

21 pigskin.jpg (90112 bytes) Tom arrived a little later that night after attending the state high school wrestling tournament in Columbus.

22 group.jpg (96442 bytes) Sweetie "Bloody Fists" Pietie, Huss, and Chris at the Pigskin.

23 golfball.jpg (70995 bytes) And, naturally, the golf ball was on the loose that night.  Here's the most recent victim.....

24 jay,jeff.jpg (66779 bytes) Jay and Jeff.

25 group.jpg (81259 bytes) Still at the Pigskin.

26 tom,ryan.jpg (72226 bytes) T-Gunn and Huss.  For more pics of this weekend, click here.