Winter Quarter, Sixth Year (2001)


01 jay,brad.jpg (120788 bytes) All the guys in town for a weekend.  This was kind of the theme of the evening:  Jay and Brad having a discussion at the Pigskin.  Ah, Brad, I believe that's an illegal arm across the throat.  For pics from earlier this night, click here.

02 tom,jeff.jpg (78109 bytes) Tom and Jeff at the Pigskin.

03 chris,jeff.jpg (85147 bytes) Chris, Brad's buddy from home, and Jeff.

04 john,buddy.jpg (108332 bytes) Johnny with a buddy of his from high school, I believe.

05 austin,john,friend.jpg (73306 bytes) Austin was down visiting his Brecksville boys.  Here he is with Johnny and a friend of theirs.

06 jay,jeff,jill.jpg (85274 bytes) Jay, Jeff, and Jill.  I was excited about something, I guess.  Hey, I hadn't seen Jill in months!

07 huss.jpg (92964 bytes) I'm guessing Huss.

08 group.jpg (116469 bytes) And the group at the C.I., with Ali trying to figure out what the heck's wrong with all of us.

09 group.jpg (84827 bytes) Jeff, Jill, and Tom.  Tom didn't know this was an "eyes closed" picture.

10 jeff,anne.jpg (81364 bytes) Jeff and Anne.  Seems a rarity to find her out on the town.

11 jay,jeff.jpg (72996 bytes) Jason and Jeff.

12 darren,jay.jpg (72099 bytes) Old high school buddies:  Darren and Jay.

13 weasel.jpg (106757 bytes) I couldn't pass up this picture opportunity.  The Weasel working his magic.  Though we know her well, I won't disclose the victim's name.

14 rick,jay.jpg (100339 bytes) Late night back at Mike, Dan, and Johnny's.  This is the scene I walk out to at 4 in the morning at 79 N. Congress.  Rick and Sweetie "Bloody Fists" Pietie still wrestling.  Jay had just gotten done knocking out some dude who desperately deserved it.  Guess he was still wired.

15 rick,jay.jpg (63217 bytes) Actually, when I first walked out, Jay was standing behind one of the cars while Rick was standing on top of it, ready to pounce.  Pretty funny.

16 weasel.jpg (120687 bytes) And the Weasel settling down for part of night's sleep.  We don't make it easy.  It's basically a stand-off to see who buckles first.

17 jay,rick.jpg (97589 bytes) Meanwhile, Jay and Rick still have some energy left.

18 rick.jpg (122882 bytes) The first to go.  That couldn't have been comfortable.

19 jay,brad.jpg (123300 bytes) The end of the night:  Pieton reigning champion.

20 kelly,jenner.jpg (101754 bytes) A couple weeks later some other OU alumni stopped in Athens for a weekend.  I discovered just how mischievous they are by learning of their little "game" they play at the expense of any guys they may encounter.  Here's on such soul:  Kelly and Jenner with him.  I'm not at liberty to disclose the details, since they took me into their confidence.

21 jeff,jenner.jpg (109449 bytes) A couple of Mentor High School grads:  Jenner and Jeff at the Pigskin.

22 kelly,lauren,jeff.jpg (92410 bytes) Kelly, Lauren, and Jeff.

23 victim.jpg (86208 bytes) Yet another unsuspecting victim.

24 jeff,courtney.jpg (80649 bytes) Jeff and Courtney at the Pigskin that night.