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Pictures and More - The OU Years: 2000-01

This roll is from fall quarter of 2000 and covers a wedding of a high school buddy of mine and also Homecoming weekend here at Ohio University.
Another set of pictures from fall quarter. Includes both Homecoming and Halloween weekends.
And one last roll from Homecoming and Halloween weekends.
For more pics of Halloween '00, check out: www.45701.com/hal-2000/
Over winter break Huss and Leake took a trip out to New York City to visit Morton, who currently held a job in the Big Apple. What a town.
For New Year's Eve 2000, the 402A roommates got together at Tom's in Fairlawn, OH, where he and Jake had just finished (almost anyways) moving in. It was good to see everyone again.
The weekend of January 20th, a few OU alumni came down to visit those of us yet to enter the real world. Rick, Jay, Brad, and Ryan made the trip down and proved that some things just don't change. Good time had by all.
This roll covers a couple weekends during winter quarter. Sibs' Weekend saw the return of a ton of OU alumni. We spent that Saturday night trying some karaoke at the Night Court. Toward the end of winter quarter, a bunch of ex-Bobcats came down for the NCAA MAC wrestling tournament. I'm proud of these guys, they seem to have no problem reinserting themselves into the college lifestyle.
More pics from the same weekend. Also, some shots from a couple weeks later when some other OU alumni stopped in Athens.
For Spring Break 2001 I ventured out to visit an old friend in Vail, CO. Let me tell you, I had a blast. Hubox showed me a great time. It just so happened that he ended up living with three other OU alumni, including Brian Thatcher, a friend of ours from the dorm days. These rolls all cover spring break, with the last including a night in Mentor, OH with some old high school friends.
During Spring Quarter, a bunch of us from OU ventured to Las Cruces, New Mexico for an annual design competition held there. It was a week-long trip and ended up being a blast. Oh yeah, and we learned some, too. My buddy Mike took his digital camera, so we had plenty of fun with that. This set of pictures covers those aspects of the trip that did not relate to the competition itself, since we got to check out a lot of cool sites. For info on the actual competition, including pictures and such, click here.
Well, we thought it only appropriate to attempt one last Court St. (and beyond!) Shuffle. The theme this time around was Revenge of the Nerds. Otis didn't mess around, and came up with a schedule for the shuffle including the bars on East State Street.
For the complete shuffle schedule, click Here.
Memorial Day Weekend of 2001 marked a significant event in our sheltered little world that is OU alumni. On Saturday, May 26, 2001, Ryan Anderson Morton and Monica Lynn Watson tied the knot and I had the honor of taking part in the ceremony. Tom and Ryan were also in the wedding, while Ryan's cousin Josh was the Best Man. Monica's Maid of Honor was Heather Clugston and her party consisted of Ryan's two sisters (Whitney and Katie) and two of her friends.
Some more wedding pictures. Also some pics from OU toward the end of Spring Quarter.