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Pictures and More - Site History

August 3rd, 2009
- Pictures from the Sunset Lounge during fall of 2006
- Just a few pics from the Winter of 2008

June 18th, 2009
- A few pics from trips to C-Bus/Athens in Spring of 2007
- Pics from Litherland wedding reception in June of 2007
- Pics from North Carolina in July/August of 2007

March 18th, 2009
Only one update, but it's a big one...
- Finally, pictures from Europe 2007.

March 16th, 2009
Taking a step back...
- a couple sets of somewhat random pictures from Summer of 2006

October 16th, 2008
Up to April of 2007!
- pics from Huss and his groomsmen at a Browns game in December of 2006
- the Litherland wedding in Vegas in January of 2007
- Florida trip in January to see manatees
- Annual Seven Springs trip in January
- The Bober-Hacking wedding in Columbus, OH in April

August 14th, 2008
Only two years behind...pics from 2006!....
- pics from the McDermott-Huss wedding (finally?)
- pics from the Gamber wedding
- Halloween in Harriburg, PA
- balboa swing dancing event in Raleigh, NC (EBC)

January 6th, 2008
- pics from visiting cousins Columbus in summer of 2006

April 24th, 2007
- pics from All-Bal Weekend here in Cleveland in June of 2006
- Chavez-Hubacher wedding in Vail, CO in June of 2006
- Rafting on the New River in July of 2006
- Slater-Kotheimer wedding in Youngstown in July of 2006
- McDermott-Huss wedding shower in July of 2006
- Huss bachelor party in Windsor in August of 2006
- More to come...

May 13th
- various random pics from winter and spring
- annual Seven Springs trip February 2-5, 2006
- St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland
- The Boston Tea Party swing dance event in March
- Doug's last night out in Cleveland

February 1, 2006
- pics from a couple swing events in October and November
- pics from Columbus and OSU tailgate in November
- pics from Harrisburg and Cleveland in December
- New Years Eve weekend at Cherise's and in Philly
- Florida trip: Bielek-Leake visit and SoFlex '06

November 5th
- pics from Pieton wine party and C-Bus party in August, and Texas-OSU game in September
- a few pics from Cleveland Zoo
- pictures from Halloween party on Hathaway

September 21st
- pics from DMB concert in June and Tribe game/downtown in July
- pics from Kelly's visit in July and August
- pics from race day in Norwalk in August
- pics from Labor Day Florida trip to see Jane

July 23rd
- pics from the Bielek-Leake North Carolina trip

June 17th (still slacking after all these years)
- pics from the Cleveland OU Alumni Greenery party at the end of April
- pics from Jill Radanoff's wedding on May 14, 2005
- pics from an Albuquerque road trip right after said wedding
- pics from whitewater rafting in West Virginia in June

Mar. 29th (been slacking)
- pics from a Florida trip in January where we visited some manatees
- pics from the Annual Seven Springs ski trip
- pics from a party in Chicago with Greg, Kristin, and Liz
- pics from St. Patrick's Day here in Cleveland
- some various pictures including a trip to Fresno to see Kelly and Liz's last couple days here in the States

Jan. 22nd, 2005
- pics from Michigan-Ohio State game tailgate in Columbus in November
- various pics spanning December and part of January, including the holidays

Nov. 7th
- pics from Ohio State tailgate in September, Nicole's surprise birthday party in C-Town, Harrisburg road trip
- pics from the Bieled-French wedding on October 2, 2004, in C-Bus
- pics from the Dill-Wigton reception at Ohio University

Sept. 10th
- complete redesign of the site in CSS brought online

Sept. 2nd
- pics up from nights out in cleveland and Katie and Shannon's party in C-Bus (July-August, 2004)
- pics up from Brad's 4th Annual 21st birthday party in Mentor

Aug. 30th
- pics up from road trip out west August 12-20, 2004.

- family site leakepics.net online

July 22nd
- pics up from Laurapalooza and trip to C-Bus July 16-17

June 22nd
- I will be gradually migrating the main pages of my site to .xhtml as well as applying current photo layout configurations to past folders. This will take a WHILE. Functionality of the site *should* not be affected.

June 16th
- Pics up from various winter/spring events
- Pics up from Chicago trip to see Liz and the Bobeczkos
- Pics up from weekend with Liz in town and wine party downtown

May 5th
- Pics up from the Rhoads Wedding

Apr. 19th
- Web log up at everonward.org

Apr. 6th
Pics added from (running a little behind!):
- 3rd Annual Seven Springs Trip, Feb. 27-29th
- L.A. Trip, March 12-16th
- St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland, March 17th
- Bobeczko Party in Chicago,, March 20th
- The Shiley Wedding in Niles, OH March 27th

Jan. 13th, 2004
- Pics added from fall bike night, Xmas time, New Year's (Happy 2004!)

Nov. 17th
- Pics/vids up from OSU-MSU game in C-Bus

Nov. 13th
- Added vid clips to the website. Would only apply to any events taking place in 2003, for the most part (since that's when I got my digicam)
- If problems playing video clips, download and install this codec (.zip format). Very simple to install.
- Homecoming 2003 pics are up!

Nov. 12th
- Web site now hosted at thot.us (goodbye, Frognet....sniff..sniff)
- Added pics from November 2002 Browns tailgate and L.A. trip (finally)
- The Greenery recently upgraded to 160 GB of RAID storage

Oct. 4th
- Pics from the Clark-Cimino wedding on Sept. 27th

Sept. 4th
- Much needed upgrade to site's search engine (Perlfect 3.31b), results greatly improved.

Sept. 2nd
- The Smith Traut wedding on August 9th
- The Doddridge-Patterson wedding on August 16th

Aug. 16th
- pics from Niagara Falls in July

Aug. 13th
Some July pics up:
- July 4th at G's (and Mrs. G's) in Harrisburg
- The Cacolici wedding
- tall ships in Port of Cleveland
- Giovanna's "going-away" party
- Cedar Point trip
- The Bielek-Wenum wedding

July 11th
June pics up:
- party at Huss and Dan's in C-Bus
- trip to Ft. Lauderdale
- The Harvey wedding

June 9th
- Pictures from the Pieton wedding up.

May 30th
- various pics from C-Bus/C-Town
- OU Trip in March
- G events: birthday party, bachelor party, wedding........whoa
- Albuquerque trip in March

May 29
- Reconfigured site navigation and some backgrounds. Many pics to come......

Feb. 19th, 2003
Okay, some updates here; I know I've been slacking:
- Web server is up and running, now on a Linux box running Apache 2.0 (email me for login)
- got a bunch of pictures up now covering from last fall to present (a few more are on the way)
- i FINALLY got a digital camera, so you should see a marked improvement in quality
- keep an eye out for access to high quality copies of pics on this site as well as vid clips

Sept. 16th
- Added pics from bike night at Quaker Steak and Lube in August...

Sept. 15th
- Added pics from night out in Willoughby in August...

July 5th
- Added pics from the Smutylo wedding (Rob and Angie) on June 8, 2002 down in Mansfield, OH.
- Added pics from the Brickman-Mooney wedding (Sean and Suzanne) on May 4, 2002; also on that roll a few pics from out on the town.

June 29th
- Major revamp of the site. Hopefully a bit more user friendly.

June 27th
- St. Patty's Day 2002 pics up. I know, I know, still running behind...

June 2nd
- Okay, FINALLY got the pics up from skiing at Seven Springs in Vail. Been fooling around with a new format for the picture archives....we'll see how it goes. These also cover a trip down to OU in March...

Apr. 9th
- Vail pics up, lots of 'em...more ski pics to come from PA in the next week or so...

Apr. 3rd
- Added pics from November, December 2001, covering nights in Cleveland and Columbus. Expect more in the next several days, including Vail 2002...

Feb. 4th
- Added pics from this winter, including New Years and visit from an Albuquerquean...

Jan. 23rd
- FTP and Web Servers online...

Jan. 21st, 2002
- Uploaded bunch of pics from Bednar spanning just about all through college. Thanks, Otis!...

Nov. 5th
- Homecoming 2001 pics up...

Oct. 31st
- FTP Server Online!
- Added pics from Chicago trip to see Greg...

Oct. 16th
- Added pics from Chicago trip to see Cat...

Oct. 9th
- Added pics from recent trip to New Mexico...

Oct. 8th
- Added pics from the Hemmert-Brownfield wedding (Joel and Rachel) in Piqua, OH.

Aug. 18th
- Added pics from New Mexico Trip this summer...

July 29th
- Added article from Time, June 2001 called "The End";, dealing with what we know of the existing universe...

July 26th
- Finally got the North Carolina pics up from June.

July 12th
- The rest of the pictures from The Mortons' wedding are up, plus some pics from back at OU...

July 11th
- Pictures from the end of Spring Quarter, one last Court Street Shuffle...

June 1st
- Pictures from the Morton wedding...

May 16th
- Added pics from PalmerFest '01. What a blast...

May 16th
- Added pics from Spring Quarter, Sixth Year, including some nights out on the town here in Athens and Morton's bachelor party the weekend of PalmerFest.
- Made some changes to grad party section.

May 8th
- Added info for grad party

Apr. 24th
- Added pics from recent trip to New Mexico for design competition...
- Added pics from Spring Break 2001 in Vail, CO. Also a night back home in Mentor...
- Added to OU Stuff, tons of stuff from the design competition in New Mexico...

Mar. 29th
- Added to OU Stuff

Mar. 28th
- Added a pics from this past winter quarter. Visits from alum...

Mar. 27th
- Added a Contacts section to the site.

Mar. 25th
- Revised OU Stuff page and added some recent design projects I've been involved with.
- Added pics from this past quarter. Visits from old friends that still know how to come back to OU and keep it real...
- Added pics from Spring Break '99 at South Padre. The roll also covers the rest of spring quarter...

Mar. 6th
- Added soundtrack from last big bash at 10 S. High...
- Added pics from Spring Break '00 to Ft. Lauderdale, including official "soundtrack"...
- Web host is pretty much fully operational. No more chat room, no big loss.

Mar. 3rd
- Web host experienced catastrophic failure resulting in complete data loss. Rebuilding of site begins. For details Click Here. Sorry folks...

Feb. 28th
- Added pics from what I consider the best weekend ever here at OU: Spring Quarter, Fifth Year (2000), covering Palmerfest and the last, best bash at 10 S. High...

Feb. 20th
- Added pics from Fall Quarter, Fifth Year (1999), including Halloween and some pics uptown. Some of the last nights for fall graduates...

Jan. 31st
- Added pics from Fall Quarter, Sophomore Year (1996), including trip to Miami and pics from Sargent Hall...

Jan. 30th
- Added pics from Spring Quarter, Sophomore Year (1997), included pics from floor section, visit from Miami folks, Zac returns, Whetsell and Huss's birthday...

Jan. 25th
- Added pics from last weekend when some of the boys came down to visit. Some things never change...

Jan. 23rd
- Added pics from Summer and Fall Quarter, Senior Year (1998), including trips to Put-In-Bay and Chicago.

Jan. 19th
- Added pics from Spring Quarter, Senior Year (1999). The very end of the quarter.

Jan. 18th
- Added pics from Spring Break, Senior Year (1999) to South Padre.

Jan. 17th
- Added Search Engine for www.jeffleake.com

Jan. 16th
- Added Games Section to site. Right now only Tetris.

Jan. 15th
- Added pictures from Winter Break and Quarter, 1999-2000.

Jan. 13th
- Added pictures from Winter Quarter, Senior Year (1999), covering a party at the apartment, an Hawaiian party at 10 S. High, and the trip down to spring break in South Padre, TX.br />
Jan. 11th
- Added X-Mas pics to Family Stuff
- Added pictures from New Year's Eve 2000 at Tom's place.

Jan. 10th
- Added pictures from trip Huss and Leake took to visit Morton in NYC.
- Added some stuff to Halloween '99 and '00.

Jan. 9th
- Added pictures from Fall Quarter, Senior Year (1998), covering a couple parties and Halloween.

Jan. 8th
- Added roll of pictures to Spring Quarter, Junior Year (1998), that covers two parties we had in Cornwell, one of them the biggest ever.
- Added section Fall Quarter, Freshman Year (1995), covering my first Halloween weekend at OU.

Jan. 6th
- Added couple links to Favorite Sites
- Added pictures to Family Section

Jan. 5th
- Added a Family Section to the main page.
- Added pictures from Spring Quarter, Sophomore Year (1997), including Huss's birthday. Pictures from the floor section in Sargent and friends' place in Treudley.

Jan. 3rd, 2001
- Added Chat Room to the site.

Dec. 20th
- Added pictures from Spring Quarter, Fifth Year (2000), when a bunch of us went to Put-In-Bay for Memorial Day weekend. Also, another chapter in the infamous house wars...

Dec. 8th
- Fixed the links to the playlists added above. Sorry about that.

Dec. 1st, 2000
- Added midi music files to various pages
- Added our shuffle schedule from last year and our playlists we used while living in Cornwell.