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Pictures and More - The OU Years: 1999-2000

Well, onto my fifth year here at Ohio University. This meant the move out of Apartment 402A and the move into a house a 10 S. High, where some buddies of ours had lived the year before. A few of them stayed: Dan, Brad, and Jason, while the new guys moving in were Mike, Jeff, Tom, and Ryan.
Just before the beginning of the school year I made a trip to Myrtle Beach with Tom, Jill, and her sister Ali. Of course, that happened to be during the heart of hurricane season. As it turned out, we headed home a day before they called for an evacuation due to Hurricane Dennis. Also on this roll, the move into 10 S. High.
Toward the beginning of fall quarter, I made a trip to Cedar Point with one of my good friends from home, Suzanne, and her brother Bill. Fall quarter was a good time at Ohio University because it included so many big weekends. In this case, 10 S. High hosted parties three weekends in a row. This roll covers the wrestling party, Homecoming, and Halloween weekends. This Halloween saw the birth of the Marching 111-126.
Yet more pictures from Halloween. Also, some pictures uptown at the Pigskin and some other bars right up to the end of the quarter, when we lost our fall graduates.
For more pics of Halloween, 1999, check out: www.45701.com/halloween.
And for an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer covering the event, click here.
I spent winter break of 1999 at home in Mentor, OH. This next set of of pictures covers winter break in Mentor and Cleveland and winter quarter at OU, including the beginning of spring break in Fort Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. Tom, Jeff, Ryan, Ryan, Jill, Ali, Anne, and one of Anne's friends made the trip down for a week.
For the beginning of the new millenium we celebrated in Columbus with friends of my family. Their daughter Kristen and I grew up together since day one. Also, the beginning of winter quarter at Ohio University.
For Spring Break '00 a group of us decided to make the trip to Ft. Lauderdale. Tom, Jake, Jeff, Ryan, and Ryan comprised the guys of the group and drove down in Morton's Blazer, while Jill, Ali, Anne, and Erin made up the fairer gender and flew down. The road trip proved to be quite an adventure, but the weather was gorgeous, couldn't have asked for better. Well, maybe Tom could have, but other than that...
For the FL '00 Soundtrack: Spring Break Soundtrack
Spring quarter at Ohio University is easily the best quarter of the year. This is due largely to the numerous street parties throughout the quarter. Of course, the largest is PalmerFest. I rank the weekend of PalmerFest 2000 as best ever. And that's saying something, 'cause I've seen a lot of weekends here. This particular year we had a party at 10 S. High the Friday of PalmerFest weekend. It was by far the biggest party I've ever been involved in, and we got a bunch of our neighbors together to turn it into a block party. Saturday night brought PalmerFest.
The playlist used for the final bash at 10 S. High: Outdoor Party
For Memorial Day Weekend a bunch of us decided to go to Put-In-Bay. Dan has a cottage near the island and he was nice enough to put us up for a couple nights. And when I say us, I mean we were packed in there pretty good. This roll covers a Quad-Night at the Junction just before Memorial Day Weekend and our trip to Put-In-Bay. It also contains yet another chapter in the house wars with the girls behind us, in the form of after hours that Sunday night. This might not sound like anything special, but usually after hours are thrown by the hosts. In this case, they weren't home, so we decided to help ourselves into the house (Dan with some amazing acrobatics) and hang out anyways.
Near the end of spring quarter the group of us decided to embark upon a mission yet to be accomplished. One thing we had never done in college was the Court St. Shuffle, a must for anyone attending Ohio University. The objective, obviously: one drink at every bar on Court St. (and some not on Court St). We decided to make our shuffle "The Three-Legged Shuffle" where, you guessed it, each person was tied to another by the leg. Made for an interesting night, to be sure. Of course, an hour and a half into the affair, it began to pour. And I mean sheets of rain. Power on Court St. was out for four hours, during which time we drank by candlelight and flashlights. On top of that, Huss and Leake had to get to a wedding in Toledo by 2:00 the next afternoon. Not pretty. This roll covers the shuffle as well as a late night party at 10 S. High and a night uptown.
This was our schedule for the shuffle: "The Three-Legged Shuffle"
Literally one day after the last roll: one of our good friends, who is also a former Bobcat, got married in Toledo, OH. Huss and Leake made the intelligent decision to do the Court St. Shuffle the night before when we had to get up at 8:00 the next morning. Luckily, we made it to the wedding in perfect time, one minute before the procession started (Huss, I owe you for that one). This set of pictures covers the wedding of Frank and Kara Pochiro. It was great to see the old gang again and relive some good times.
This next set of pictures is at the end of the quarter and includes some shots at 10 S. High and at the Pigskin. It also covers a party that two good friends of ours, Daryn and Darcy, threw at their apartment.
This next roll is at the very end of spring quarter and involves our last nights uptown and the beginning of the move out of the house. There's also some pictures of our neighbors, who we got to know rather well that quarter, but not until that quarter. More on that later.