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Pictures and More - The OU Years: 1998-99

Toward the end of the summer, before Senior Year, I made a couple of road trips. One was a visit to Alina in Toledo, during which time the two of us and Huss went to Put-In-Bay for a night. A couple weeks later I drove to Chicago to visit Cat, who was working there for the summer before returning to OU in the fall. This set of pictures covers the end of the summer and the return back to Ohio University.
Fall Quarter of Senior Year marked the beginning of our second and final year in Apt. 402A. This next set of pictures covers a party at 35 W. Washington and a couple of parties at our place, one of them during Halloween weekend (see next roll, also). And there was a little coffee table incident, as well.
We had a little Halloween celebration at our place and were fortunate enough to have the Miami University Synchronized Swim Team show up. Fall Quarter also saw the birth of the Black Widows, a co-ed broomball team that came oh-so-close to winning it all.
For spring break, 1999, we made the trip down to South Padre Island, TX. This set of pictures covers the end of winter quarter, including a party at 402A and an Hawaiian party at 10 S. High. It also covers the trip down to South Padre that four of us made. 22 people went in total, though we split up for the trip down.
More pictures of Spring Break '99 in South Padre Island, TX, including a couple nights out at Senior Frog's and Parrot Eyes.
Yet some more pics from Spring Break '99, and also some pictures from the rest of spring quarter all the way up to the point at which we moved out of 402A. This roll covers a day at Strouds Run and a picnic at Mill Iron Apt. D-4.
For many, the last quarter of school here at Ohio University was Spring Quarter of 1999. Yes, some suckers actually graduated in FOUR years. This set of pictures covers Mom's Weekend and a party of ours during Spring Quarter of 1999.
These pictures cover one of the last bashes we threw in 402A.
This roll of pictures is toward the end of the quarter and covers a couple parties (including the infamous Greenery party) and a trip to the actual Greenery itself.
The next set of pictures covers the very end of the quarter, including our last nights in the apartment and uptown. That meant our last few nights with many people that we'd never see again or, if so, rarely.
Typical playlists at the end of our stay in Cornwell 402A: Early On, Later On.