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Pictures and More - The OU Years: 1997-98

Fall of '97 was the beginning of my junior year (well, my first junior year). That meant the move from the dorms to off-campus housing. In this case, Tom, Huss, Morton, and Leake moved into Cornwell Apartments at the end of Court St., Apt. 402A. This roll of pictures includes those from a road trip to Miami University and a few parties at the apartment.
Here are some pictures from a couple parties we had in 402A, including our first (and consequently last) four-kegger. It seems it was a bit much for our humble apartment, though it was a crazy time.
Mom's Weekend at Ohio University is the first weekend in May. This year we had a little get-together at our apartment to celebrate. These pictures also cover a couple nights at the apartment and 149 Mill, as well as a party at our buddies' place at 75 N. High.
By Spring Quarter of Junior Year, most of us had turned, or were turning 21. We decided we needed a place to hang out uptown, and that place ended up becoming the Pigskin. It was also the quarter that we first started making the trip out to Strouds Run State Park. This roll of pictures covers a couple get-togethers at our apartment and a day at Strouds Run. It also includes Cat's 21st birthday at 119 Mill St. To some, that may not mean much, but those of us that were there remember one crazy night involving a trip to the bank followed by a trip to Nelsonville.
When Memorial Day Weekend came rolling around, we decided to organize a group venture to the New River Gorge in West Virginia to camp for a couple nights - 21 of us, in all. Of course, it rained BOTH nights we camped, just as I warned everyone that it was going to; any camping trip involving me is automatically doomed weather-wise.  But we did have a blast.
This includes the last party of our junior year in Apartment 402A, the last days of our friends living at 149 Mill, and one of our last nights uptown at the Pigskin. More importantly, these pictures document the removal of Huss's locks. My best friend from forever, Kristen, made a trip down to OU to visit myself and her good friend from home, who lived in the building next to us. Also, there are pictures from a celebration for Tom's 21st birthday that took place later that summer at Jill's apartment behind Subway in Athens.